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Shepherdess Feeder

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Shepherdess Orphan Lamb Feeder

The orphan lamb feeder is a unique lamb milk feeder providing a simple system of delivering warm, fresh milk to lambs 24hours a day.

This eliminates the need for bottle feeding from day one, as lambs under 3 weeks of age will take to the feeder when hungry without assistance.

Reduces digestive problems and set backs.

Lambs more than match the performance of those suckling the ewe.

With the internal heater, the milk is kept at a constant warm level for the lambs.

There is no need for any piped water supply. The feeder is unaffected by freezing conditions, due to the insulation and heater in the feeder.

Can be used in any location with an appropriate electricity supply.

Ready for use, no setting up involved. Just encase people are wondering about the feeder, it’s just simply a new sticker on the font and nothing different with our feeder.

Comes with: 1 x 100watt heater 1 x Thermometer 2 x Red teat (hard – use after white) 2 x White teat (softer – start on these) 1 x Luggage strap 2 x Internal buckets 1 x Set of feed line pipes