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Rumevite Hill Grazer 22.5kg

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A high protein feed and mineral block for cattle and sheep in a hill grazing situation.

Supports performance, health and fertility. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Increases forage intakes and digestibility by up to 10%. •

High protein feedblock, containing urea, for feeding with poorer quality roughages. • Contains Diamond V XPC – a natural fermented yeast culture product. •

Fortified with minerals, trace elements and vitamins. • Convenient: available in 22.5kg. • The mixture of protein sources, including urea, increases protein availability to stock and encourages digestion of poorer quality forages.

• Diamond V XPC yeast culture helps to support optimum rumen health, average daily liveweight gain and feed efficiency.

• Contains a mineral and vitamin pack to support good stock health. IDEAL FOR: • Cattle and sheep throughout the year to support performance at grass.

USER GUIDE: • We recommend Rumevite feeders are used at a ratio of one per 15 cattle or 35 sheep to help optimise performance • Feed to cattle and sheep from 3 months of age onwards.

TYPICAL INTAKES: • Cattle – 500g/head/day. • Sheep – 150g/head/day.

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Weight22.5 kg