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Romax Muskil Dual Active Block 7kg


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MUSKIL® BLOCK FLUO-NP® is a bi-component ready for use wax block bait of 25 g for house mice (Mus musculus) and brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) treatments containing the patented combination of two 2nd generation active ingredients, difenacoum and bromadiolone, and is effective against mice and rats after a single ingestion.

Rodents’ death occurs after few days (2-5) from ingestion without arousing the suspicion of other members of the colony towards the bait.

The patented combination of difenacoum and bromadiolone makes MUSKIL® BLOCK FLUO-NP® efficacious against those rodents resistant to multiple-feeding anticoagulants.

MUSKIL® BLOCK FLUO-NP® formulation contains a well-balanced mix of food-origin components attractive for rodents; its paraffin content makes the bait particularly resistant in damp conditions. The block has a longitudinal hole for its fixing in bait stations.

MUSKIL® BLOCK FLUO-NP® incorporates an aversive agent (Denatonium Benzoate 0.001%) to help prevent human consumption.

MUSKIL® BLOCK FLUO-NP® is suitable for control of rodents’ infestation in and around buildings (e.g. homes, hospitals, animal housing, warehouses, food industries, etc.), in open areas and in waste dumps. The product should be applied in bait stations or covered bait points.

  • Contains 0.0025% bromadiolone and 0.0025% difenacoum active ingredient
  • For use against rats & mice, in and around buildings, in open areas, & waste dumps.
  • Speed of kill more than twice as fast compared to other actives tested.
  • Rapid bait acceptance – superior palatability
  • Effective against certain anticoagulant resistant rats and mice
  • Less bait per programme – cost effective
  • FLUO_NP® UV tracking technology (Except Wheat)
  • Also available in loose whole wheat, whole wheat sachet & pasta paste sachet formulations
  • Approval No: UK-2013-0757

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