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Rodex 20kg Sack


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RODEX whole wheat bait is a ready to use bait containing 50ppm of the anti-coagulant rodenticide bromadilone, 10ppm of the human aversive agent denatonium benzoate together with a dark red indicator dye as a warning colour. Formulated using best quality food grade wheat together with adjuvants to improve bait ‘take’ and bio-stats to inhibit microbial growth. APPLICATION: Rodex whole wheat is very effective against rats, only 5-7g of the bait is sufficient to kill a 250g brown rat. It is quite feasible for a rat to eat a lethal dose of Rodex in a single day. Similarly, the lethal dose for the house mouse is less the 1g. Comparatively small bait stations are needed, approx 180g stations for rat control and 30g bait stations for mouse species.

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Weight20 kg