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Roban Pasta Bait 150g ( Amateur Use )


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Roban 25 Pasta Bait 150g Sachets 10g bait packs (total = 15 “tea bags”)

Professional high quality Pasta Bait for the Amateur consumer, Containing difenacoum 0.0025% and denatonium benzonate 0.001% ready-to-use pasta bait designed for use in tamper resistant bait stations for the control of rats in and around buildings.

Pasta rodenticide is a high energy option which makes it the preferred formulation in cold situations, or where rodents have declined to accept other baits.
Roban Pasta Bait is a ready-for-use bait formulated using a blend of high quality culinary grade wheat flour, chopped grain, soft lard and synthetic peanut flavouring to produce a high calorie, high energy feed. The use of synthetic peanut flavourings allows the product to be used in sensitive situations where products containing nuts would not be authorised for use.

MADE FOR USE BY THE PUBLIC – You won’t have to worry about hiring an expensive professional to sort out your infestation. Roban25 is made for home use and is readily available for the public.

Small mouse infestation: 1 sachets. Large mouse infestation: 2-3 sachets. Small rat infestation: 2-3 sachets. Large rat infestation: 3-6+ sachets.

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