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Roban Place Packs 25x40g


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Active compound: Difenacoum 0.005% w/w APPLICATION: This professional cut wheat rodenticide is can be used on both rats and mice, but is particularly effective against mice, with only 1g of the bait being sufficient to kill a house mouse. Similarly, the lethal dose for a 250g brown rat is 5-7g. It is quite feasible for a rat or mouse to eat a lethal dose in a single day. Comparatively small bait stations are needed, approx 100-180g stations for rat control and 30g bait stations for mice. Only the finest food grade whole wheat is used, not animal grade, as food use wheat has a higher proportion of sugars/starches making it more palatable to vermin – if it tastes good they will eat it! High temperature treated so there is no risk of any grain germination. Kills rats and mice stone dead within 2 days!!

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