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Roban 25 Cut Wheat 40g ( Amateur Use )


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Roban 25 Cut Wheat Mouse & Rat Poison 40g Sachets

Fast acting, ready to use, easy to apply sachets of Mouse and Rat Poison for use around your home, garden or wherever you have a vermin problem.

Roban Cut Wheat Bait is highly palatable to mice. The ready to use formulation uses food grade micronised (high temperature treated) wheat which increases its attractiveness to rodents. Unlike whole wheat bait (which is more effective with Rats) the whole wheat is proven to have a much higher ‘take’ than other formulas.
Taste adjuvants and sweeteners improve bait ‘take’ and the formula also includes bio-stats that inhibit the growth of fungi or bacteria when the bait is used outdoors or in damp conditions. Very simple to use – take a bait pack and place securely where rats and mice are feeding and moving around. The clever design of the bait pack allows the smell of the attractants out yet keeps the bait dry and in good condition against all types of weather.

Ideally placed along the edge of walls, fencing or near sites of activity such as holes or burrows created or dug out by rats and mice. One single bait pack is so potent it can potentially kill 2 mice. They are safe to handle and are very easy to use with a rapid and high success rates. Particularly effective in gardens around where wild birds are being fed – an attractive site for rodents. Also useful for around stable yards and farms where rodents are an inevitable pest.

Difenacoum 0.0025% w/w

Ideal for the control of mice in and around buildings, especially where they have been previously feeding on seed or grain based foods.

Small mouse infestation: 3-4 sachets. Large mouse infestation: 6-10+ sachets

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