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Red Top Fly Trap


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Safe and effective

Flies can be a real nuisance at any time of year, but they are particularly so during the summer months when they invade our homes, farms, smallholdings and stables.
Now at last, there is a safe and effective way to trap and deal with them – Red Top Fly Catcher.
A unique and safe product, Red Top Fly Catcher are the ultimate fly trap. They are low-cost, non-toxic, simple-to-use and chemical-free.

 Works within days

They are hung outdoors in your garden, approx 15M from your home in a nice sunny position, whilst on farms they can be placed around your livestock and poultry sheds or stables.
Red Top Fly Catcher need some sunlight and warmth to get going and once set up will begin working within a few days and last up to 12 weeks. They use a non-poisonous, ecologically-safe protein lure to attract the flies via a turret into a three-litre trap.

How It Works

Red Top Fly Catchers are a unique product from South Africa and are both safe and practical and easy to use.

They use a non-toxic protein-based bait which lures flies through a turret into a three-litre trap from which they can’t escape.

Around 85 per cent of the flies caught in the trap are female. By controlling the female, the entire fly population in the area can be brought under control. Once caught the flies cannot escape and the flies cannot build immunity to the bait.

Red Top Fly Catchers are ideal for both home and commercial use. They should be situated a maximum of 15 metres away from your home, farm building or business premises so as to draw the flies away from the premises and into the trap.



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