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Portasol Dehorner


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Dehorning / Disbudding is the process of removing the horn buds from a young animal, before they develop into horns.

The best time for Dehorning is between week 3 and 8, but it may vary from breed to breed.

The height of the young horn bud should not be more than 1cm.

Why dis-bud or de-horn?

  • Safety: Horned animals can pose a safety risk to both humans and other animals, as they can use their horns to inflict serious injuries. Dehorning can help reduce the risk of accidental injury or aggression.
  • Health: Horns can sometimes become infected or injured, leading to pain and other health problems for the animal. Removing the horns can help prevent these issues.
  • Management: Horns can make it difficult to handle, transport and manage animals, as they can get caught in fences and other equipment. Dehorning can make it easier to handle animals for tasks such as veterinary procedures or transportation.

The Solution!

Back in stock after two years absence after a devastating fire in Ireland!

The award winning Portasol Cordless Gas dehorner 111 with up to 225 watts equivalent power. Designed for and by farmers and veterinary surgeons, the Portasol Calf Dehorner 111 makes it possible to dehorn and debud anywhere, in the field, in the pen, in the barn. It is very easy to use.

What’s the difference:-

  • Temperature adjustable up to 225 Watts (equivalent power)
  • 15mm copper tip for rapid heat – temperature up to 650°C / 1200°F ensures rapid debudding
  • 18.5mm extra wide copper tip for later dehorning or larger horns available
  • Click piezo and manual ignition
  • Complete portability, no tanks, no cords, no pipes & no naked flames
  • Replacement gas jets available

With added features and extra durability the Calf Dehorner III from Portasol is the perfect tool for dehorning young calves up to 3 – 8

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