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Poliwrap Stretch Wrap 750mm X 1500m Black

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When it comes to producing high quality baled silage, Visqueen Poliwrap® has become the balewrapping film of choice for countless farmers and agricultural contractors across the globe. Renowned for its exceptional performance and impressive ease of use, it also offers the added reassurance of proven performance having been used to wrap millions of silage bales over two decades. Suitable for conventional and high speed bale wrappers Manufactured to strict quality standards Ideal for use across a range of climatic conditions High tack level for an enhanced air barrier and to eliminate long tails Supported by an experienced sales and technical team The Visqueen product family benefits from an ongoing Research & Development programme in order to ensure it continues to satisfy ever-advancing silage production techniques. Based on the latest scientific findings and ongoing developments in raw material and manufacturing technologies the Visqueen range has evolved to incorporate technical innovations such as 5 Layer Technology, Pro Technology and netwrap replacement films. 5 Layer technology combines five separate layers of polythene into one overall film. This robust film has an increased ability to withstand the coarse features of many forage crops and is ideal for use with today’s high speed, complex wrapping machinery

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