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Phillips Repeater Vaccinator 25ml


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Phillips Repeater, easy to use, hassle free Phillips injectors. Fill direct from the bottle, set the dose and start injecting. When injecting ewes and lambs the dose is altered easily with a simple twist of the regulator. No trailing tubes or awkward, breakable bottles Inject at any angle Single hand operation in use Dial-a-dose setting, can be altered mid use, perfect when injecting both adult and young livestock Tested to 100,000+ injections by NJ Phillips Particularly useful for larger doses from small bottles Works well with all consistencies of medication, thick, thin and oily. No valves to slow the refill of thick liquids through tubes Less wastage, draw only the required dose from the bottle Easy to clean, no valves or springs to lose! Accepts disposable and non-disposable Luer lock needles Spare needle holder/magazine in the handle Perfect for super fine liquid medications such as Iron injections for pigs Supplied with needle spanner 25ml Injector doses up to 2.5ml in 0.5ml increments

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