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Optigain Sheep + Copper Drench 5l

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A fully balanced general purpose supplement suitable for sheep, goats and cattle. A fully balanced high energy multivitamin and trace element supplement for ewes, tups and lambs. Optigain Sheep provides the full complement of vitamins and trace elements in their most bioavailable form: ■ Replenishes B Vitamins lost during milk production in the lactating ewe. ■ Supplies elevated Iodine levels to meet growth and reproductive requirements. ■ Includes Biotin to aid wool and hoof quality ■ Combats dietary Vitamin K antagonists by supplying additional Vitamin K ■ Uses Chelated Trace Elements for increased bioavailability and efficacy in the animal ■ Contains only Natural Vitamin E and a natural blend of performance Antioxidants to complement the feed and support immune function.

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