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Nettex Scaly Leg Spray 250ml


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Scaly legs is a nasty problem caused by a parasitic mite. It burrows under the scales in the bird’s legs, comb and wattles, causing tissue damage which, if left untreated, can lead to deformities. This spray is formulated to control the scaly leg parasites. It contains natural oils and repellants that smother and suffocate the mites and it helps to prevent against any further infestation. It is also very soothing for yoru chickens and provides instant relief to itching and irritation. Simply spray directly on affected areas every five days. Ingredients: Paraffinic hydrocarbon and Alkyl polyglucosid birds and feathered leg breeds tend to be more susceptible. It is most common in flocks kept on earth or in dry litter runs. In the early stages it would appear to cause little inconvenience, but should it be neglected the birds lose condition, go lame and have difficulty in perching. In the worst instance mortality may occur. JUST FOR SCALY LEGS – THE 3 IN 1 ANSWER Treatment of scaly leg is simple, with the use of Just For Scaly Legs. This specifically blended formulation is designed to kill and effectively control the Scaly Leg parasite in one simple spray application. Just For Scaly Legs works in 3 ways: 1) Suffocates the Scaly Leg Parasites instantly, resulting in death 2) Provides immediate relief against itching and irritation 3) A synergised blend of repellents and natural oils provide a protective coating to prevent further infestation of the affected area Simply spray directly on the leg, feet, comb and wattles to treat the infested areas. Repeat every 5-6 days (to break the egg cycle) until the infestation has gone.