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Nettex Collate Multi Lamb Rapid 11 Dose


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For the reduction of the risk and recuperation after Ketosis NETTEX Multi Lamb Rapid is the original and brand leading high-energy concentrated nutritional complex that will have exhausted ewes up and feeding within two hours with just one administration! Multi Lamb Rapid contains COLLATE Technology, a patented process that causes an intermolecular bonding to occur between each of the nutrients and the energy base. This allows the source of the energy to become an effective carrier of the essential nutrients directly to the bloodstream of the animal. Within 30 minutes, 50% of the nutrients are delivered into the animal’s bloodstream providing a surge of energy and nutritional feed. So when ewes are down, or just about to go down, Multi Lamb Rapid is an on-the-spot emergency response that prevents rapid deterioration and death – so helping save lambs. Multi Lamb Rapid contains Collate Technology to eliminate unnecessary and wasteful losses as it shunts all of the nutrients directly into the bloodstream within minutes of administration. This creates a huge energy surge. One 45 ml dose will replace and rebalance an ewe’s nutritional and energy needs in under 30 minutes and get her up and back on feed in around 40 minutes. No other product can guarantee this response for under £3.50 per ewe in lamb.

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