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Mollichaff Donkey 18kg


VAT Exempt

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This Mollichaff Donkey Diet has been especially formulated for donkeys, providing them with all the correct daily needs. It also contains magnesium for a healthy nervous system and Limestone to provide calcium for strong bones. It is low in sugar, starch and energy and can be fed to laminitics. Mollichaff Donkey Diet contains fibre pellets, dried grass, oat straw, soya oil, lemon balm, mint, chamomile and vitamin and mineral supplement, to provide a complete feed for your donkey. When fed at the recommended levels, you do need to feed any other supplements with this food other than forage. Typical Analysis: Protein 6.2%, Oil 3.54%, Fibre 30%, Mineral Ash 7.8%, Starch 2.85%, Sugar 5.34%, Digestible Energy 7.28 MJ/kg

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Weight18 kg