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Megazorb Bedding


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Very Economical Budget to use 10 bags to make initial bed, plus half bag per week thereon ! Natural Fibre Dried wood fibre pulp. Dust Free & Sterile Dried and sterilised at temperatures up to 500 degrees celsius killing mould, spores and bacteria, dust extracted twice. Ideal for horses with C.O.P.D. Superior Absorbency 10 x better than straw, 4 x better than shavings. Fresher Stables bsorbs stable odours therefore reducing insect problems. Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable, so breaks down quickly into garden compost resulting in smaller muck heaps. Ideal for Rubber Mats Hints & Tips Here are some useful hints for getting the best from your Megazorb bedding. Ideally start with a clean box. Make the initial bed using 8 to 10 bags of Megazorb (depending on size of box). Remove droppings daily (easily done using a shavings fork). After the first week, add another bag of Megazorb. Continue with daily removal of droppings. From the second week on, adding half a bag of Megazorb weekly should be sufficient to maintain a super warm and comfortable bed. From this time on, it is a good idea to completely remove very wet patches and replace them with a small quantity of fresh Megazorb. Caution: The mixing of other bedding materials with Megazorb could well reduce the advantages we claim. Obviously results will vary with the type of box/stall in use and the habits of the animal in question. However, you can look forward to making big savings on the cost of conventional bedding and huge savings in time ! We believe Megazorb has the highest absorbency of any bedding currently on the market, thus reducing cleaning out costs. You will be amazed at how much smaller your muck heap is ! Megazorb is totally biodegradable, thus leading to easier and cheaper waste disposal. Megazorb is environmentally friendly and promotes natural odour control. FOR SMALL ANIMALS Megazorb is excellent if you keep small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, rats, etc, etc. Megazorb is highly absorbent, providing a comfy and dry nest for your pet. It absorbs odours, therefore reducing insect problems and creating a ‘friendlier’ environment for you. It is dried and sterilised at temperatures up to 500 degrees celsius killing mould, spores and bacteria, dust extracted twice. As well as our furry friends, you can also use as bedding in reptile tanks.

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