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Littlemax Shavings 20kg Pallet Of 42

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Littlemax Shavings

We began making LITTLEMAX Fine Shavings in 2010 in response to a demand for shavings that had all the dust free, hygienic, natural pine benefits of BEDMAX, but in a lighter, finer form.

Owners who trialled LITTLEMAX have reported that it performs exactly as they had hoped. Like BEDMAX, it addresses all the health and welfare issues of keeping your horse in the stable, and for owners it’s proved extremely easy and time-saving to use and maintain.

Features and Benefits
  • Provides Support for Hooves
  • Dust Removed During Manufacture
  • Manages Moisture
  • Cushions Hocks and Joints
  • Improves Rest
  • Maintains Hygiene
Why a Finer Shaving?

We launched LITTLEMAX in 2010 for owners who wanted a finer, lighter shaving than BEDMAX, but with the same assurance of ultra low dust levels, consistent high standards of quality, and the natural hygenic power of pine.

Why Littlemax?

Although BEDMAX remains our principal bedding for horses, some owners choose LITTLEMAX simply because they prefer a finer shaving, and many LITTLEMAX users tell us they think it is particularly easy and quick to manage.


Additional information

Weight900 kg