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Lincoln Muddy Buddy Scrub 500ml


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A powerful antibacterial wash for easy removal of mud and dirt from the legs of horses. Contains a powerful broad-spectrum antibacterial agent to help overcome and combat harmful bacteria present in wet, muddy and dirty environments. Will effectively cleanse, helping to maintain hygienically clean skin.

Contains added Glycerine to moisturise and soothe sore skin. Glycerine also helps to soften small any small scabs present.

  • Glycerine moisturises and soothes sore, chapped skin & softens small scabs.
  • Contains a powerful broad spectrum antibacterial agent.
  • Cleanses the skin & coat gently.
  • Mild formulation is gentle on sore skin.

Directions of use

1 REMOVE excess mud using clean water.
2 APPLY directly to wet legs, working the lather through the hair onto the skin.
3 DON’T use a sponge as they can harbour bacteria.
4 LEAVE on for 5 minutes.
5 RINSE off well with clean water.
6 DRY Thoroughly – this is VITAL as the bacteria responsible for mud sores thrives in a warm, moist environment,
7 USE daily while at risk.

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