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Klingon Blue Sheep 7kg


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This formula is mixed very easily in minutes and will coat the foot when the sheep are walked through once.

Footbathing with zinc sulphate has generally meant that sheep had to be kept in the solution for at least 30 minutes but this is no longer the case. Once it has dried on the hoof it will remain there for the next 2-3 days. It can be used either weekly fortnightly or whenever handling allows.

PREPARATION Fill a clean standard sheep footbath approximately half full with 60ltrs of water. Pour the Kling-on Blue® Sheep powder evenly along the length of the footbath. Take a yard brush and run it along the bottom of the footbath 8 times to start mixing the solution.

Top up the footbath with an additional 60ltrs of water and then run the brush along the bottom of the footbath a further 8 times to thoroughly mix the solution. Once mixed the solution should be a clear bright blue colour.

Leave the solution to stand a further 10 minutes to thicken and then it is ready for sheep to be walked through.

APPLICATION For best results, first walk sheep through a footbath containing water to clean their feet.

Then walk them through the footbath containing Kling-on Blue® Sheep.

Position the footbath with walls or races flush to the side so that the sheep have to walk through the footbath and each hoof will receive a good coverage of solution. After the sheep have walked through the footbath, leave them on hard standing to allow the solution time to dry onto their hooves (typically 20 minutes in dry conditions).

IMPORTANT Ensure a minimum depth of 7cm for all sheep that walk through.

FREQUENCY Kling-on Blue® Sheep can be used either weekly, fortnightly or whenever handling allows.

1 x 7 kg bucket of Kling-on Blue® Sheep will mix into 120ltrs of footbath solution, which is sufficient for 250 sheep to pass through once.

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