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JFC Tidiwrap


£250.00 ex. VAT


The TidyWrap recycling bin is made from UV-stabilised polyethylene making it suitable for storing outdoors, freeing valuable indoor storage space. It is a bottomless bin with a removable lid, designed to store up to 200 bale wraps and keep them dry for collection. This cleverly designed product uses the first wrap as the liner so farmers are not exposed to additional liner costs. Once full, the liners four handles can be tied and the bin lifted off. The bin is light enough to be lifted and repositioned by a single person, and has the durability to last for years. “The TidyWrap is an ideal product for farmers who wish to keep their farm tidy,” JFC cheif executive John Concannon said. “It saves on collection costs and helps to meet farm inspection requirements. “It also saves the cost of buying a plastic bag and reduces the amount of plastic that needs to be disposed.”

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Weight30 kg