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James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice 2kg


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James Wellbeloved was one of the first dog foods to tackle the issues of food intolerance in dogs. They developed a range of products which were totally hypo- allergenic meaning that they used a single protein source and excluded the ingredients that were known to cause adverse reactions to food. James Wellbeloved Fish and Rice is a very popular dry dog food. It is a a complete dry dog food, so is fully balanced meaning you don’t have to feed anything else to make up the diet. It is also classed as hypo-allergenic meaning it doesn’t contain any ingredients which are known to cause food intolerances such as beef, pork, wheat, wheat gluten, dairy and egg products. James Wellbeloved Dry Dog Food doesn’t contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. If your dog has got sensitive digestion or is intolerant to certain foods, then James Wellbeloved Dry Dog Food is certainly worth considering. What is made from? The single protein source is fish (it contains a minimum of 26% ocean fish) and the carbohydrate comes from barley and rice, which provide energy but are generally delicate on your dogs digestion too. It also contains Whole Linseed – a source of omega fatty acids for a soft an