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IAE Scanweigh Electronic Lamb Weigher




This is the latest product for lamb weighing, a crate which is suitable for using EID equipment if required. The new design incorporates many features which will appeal to the modern sheep farmer Highly accurate weighing system Split gates to front and rear for ease of use and access Twin Doors = Quick Action ! Stockboard side panels allow for easy incorporation of EID equipment Easy to keep clean Unique suspension system and load bearing components significantly increase accuracy of weighing There is a larger unit available for weighing sheep – Scanweigh XL 250kg load cell and a Gallagher W210i weighscale. EID equipment is available. Using the ScanWeigh system you can be sure that when you go to market, you are empowered to get the best deal as you’ll be in possession of very accurate weights from your animals. Using the ScanWeigh system you can track weigh changes in animals and be sure of the results, helping you to achieve the best results from your feeding and health regimes.

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Weight150 kg