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Hotline Wand Lite – 12v Battery Powered Strip Light


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The 12v LED “Wand Lite” strip light from Hotline is a virtually unbreakable and really easy to install 12v LED strip light.

The strip light is ideal for any location where providing mains power would be difficult, it is bright, long lasting and simple to setup.

The Wand Lite can be powered by any 12v battery and is supplied with mounting clips, a 5m long cable incorporating a switch and crocodile clips.

Simply connect one end of the cable to the LED strip light, the other to a 12v battery using the crocodile clips, switch it on and you have illumination, wherever you need it!

Drawing only 1A of electricity when lit the 12v LED strip light will give you hours of lighting even when using the smallest of 12v batteries, the larger the battery the more hours you will get before having to recharge your battery.

Manufactures will tell you that a 75ah battery for example, will give you 75 hours of light, which is technically correct, but you would want to recharge the battery before draining it that flat, in order to prolong the battery life. For permanent installations, consider adding a solar panel to take care of the battery charging for you.

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