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Hotline TL2 Tube Insulator 2m


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Tube Insulators suitable for all wire up to 3mm diameter. Designed for use on permanent electric fences these tube insulators are perfect for wooden posts, particularly where encroaching vegetation may be an issue.

The tube insulators are available in packs of 10cm lengths for individual posts and also in single 2m lengths that you can cut to size or perhaps, if you need to continue the fence line through an obstacle such as a bush, or hedge and don’t wish to terminate the fence line either side and use lead out cable etc.

Easy to fit to wooden posts, simply hammer into the post using fence staples (supplied).

Suitable for electric fences constructed using:

    • Wire: Yes
    • High Tensile Wire: Yes
    • Polywire: Yes
    • Electro-Rope: No
    • Electro-Tape: No

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