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Hotline SP10W Solar Assist Panel With Stake 10w


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A 10W solar panel is ideal for most typical electric fencing systems and now incorporates a charge controller to protect your battery from damage through overcharging. The 10W panel is suitable for the P250, P450, P500 and HLC40 energisers from Hotline.

Weather permitting, the 10 watt solar panel will keep up with the power requirements of most fencers of less than 2 Stored Joules used 24 hours a day, throughout the year; if you’re unlucky with the weather, you might need to top up using your mains charger once or twice during the winter months.

If your fence energiser is more powerful, the solar panel will still increase the interval between charges, often quite significantly, depending on your energisers power consumption.

Best of all, a 10W solar panel can safely be incorporated to pretty much any 12v system with having to worry about adding a charge controller to protect the battery, which probably would be necessary if using any larger solar panel that this 10 watt option.

Supplied with a robust ground mount that you can hammer firmly into the earth, this is the perfect option for most electric fence systems and other outdoor applications such as keeping a vehicle battery topped up.

The 10w solar panel and stand is supplied with the leads necessary to connect to your 12v battery, your other electric fence connections remain unchanged. To set up the panel, simply secure the stand to the solar panel and push or hammer the spike firmly into the ground near your energiser, with the panel facing south and at a roughly 30º angle… the aim is to have your panel pointing straight at the sun at noon.

To get the most from your solar panel try to ensure that you choose a site near your fence that is away from any potential shade.

Solar Panel Dimensions: 286 x 373 x 25mm
Solar Panel Weight: 1.5 kg

Open Circuit Voltage: 21.0v
Optimum Operation Voltage: 16.9v
Short Circuit Current: 10.66A
Optimum Operational Current: 0.59A

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Weight2.5 kg