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Hotline Raptor Battery Energiser 1.7j


£169.00 ex. VAT

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With 1.7J of stored energy, this new Raptor energiser can power up to 100m of poultry netting or 18km of fence wire. Even though the 1.7J Raptor energiser includes all of the new, innovative features Raptor range, at less tha £200 (including VAT), it packs quite a punch at an affordable price. Suitable for medium-sized poultry pens, temporary equine / cattle fencing and medium length fence lines. Flexible Power Supply: The new Raptor electric fence energisers add a new level of flexibility to the Hotline range, by integrating a 6V power source, as well as the ability to use 12V leisure batteries, solar and mains electricity (via an adapter, included). The 6V battery is a standard size available from most supermarkets (PJ996) and, although designed as a backup power source, if you use a higher capacity battery, this internal battery can be the energiser’s primary source, creating a highly portable device. Fence Performance Indicator: Not all of us carry a fence tester around with us, so Hotline have integrated a unique ‘rotating’ indicator into the new Raptor energisers. The special 3-colour LED spins with every electrical pulse and shows you, at a glance, how much voltage is running through your fence line. Unlike other status indicators, the Raptor measures the resistance in the fence line, giving a true indication of fence performance. In addition, the central red LED will start to flash when the 12V battery is low, or when the energiser has switched over to the internal 6V battery. Galvanised Steel Stand: All over the country, we find energisers lying on the ground or dangling from the end of an earth spike. To make life easier all round, Hotline have equipped the new Raptor fence energisers with a tough, galvanised steel stand. Summary: 1.7J stored energy Integrated 6V backup battery (not included) 12V or 240V (