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Hotline HLM160 Red Kite Energiser 1.6j


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The Hotline Electric Fencing Red Kite is a single output,
1.6 joule, wall-mountable mains energiser with a pulse indicator, for electric fencing systems.

It is particularly suitable for medium to large fence systems, and it is also powerful enough for a 2 x 50m poultry nets, or up to 20km single line fence.

Requires HT Lead out Cable, Crocodile Clips and Earthing Rod.

There is a 3 year manufacturers warranty on all Hotline energisers, requires online registration.

1.6 Stored Joules
1.4 Output joules
Output volts: 9000v
Output volts under heavy load: 4900v
Consumption for mains power: 7 watt
Requires Earth Stake
Recommended EU max fence distance: 20km

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