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Hotline Harrier Battery Energiser 0.13j


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The Harrier is very similar to the Kestrel – the only difference being the addition of a high/low switch on the Harrier fencing energiser. When animals are first introduced to the electric fence the fencing energiser is set to ‘high’ for about seven days. This allows the animals time to get accustomed to and to respect the fence line. After this initial period, the Harrier energiser can be set to ‘low’ in order to conserve battery life. Main Features: Operates from 6V or 12V batteries. Hi/Lo switch to conserve battery. Ultra Bright LED indicator. Fence & Ground connectors complete with crocodile clips. Suitable for horses in small paddocks & strip grazing. Ideal for up to 1.0km of fencing. Hotline battery powered electric fence energisers are supplied with all cables necessary for a standard installation.

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