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Hotline Falcon Battery Energiser 12v 1.7j


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It has 1.2 Stored Joules and high and low power settings.

It can power up to 15 x 50m sheep nets, up to 10 x 50m lengths of electrified rabbit netting, or up to 5 x 50m poultry nets.

It can power up to 18km total length of tape or wire. The Falcon has two output levels and is powered by a 12v re-chargeable leisure battery (link below).

The amp/hr rating of the battery will determine the charging interval, for example a 85amp/hr battery will require charging every 4-6 weeks.

When animals are first introduced to the electric fence the fencing unit is set to high for about 7 days. This allows the animals time to get accustomed to and respect the fence line.

After this initial period the fencing unit can be switched to low to conserve battery life.

If the electric fencer is being used to keep animals out, e.g. with poultry netting to keep out foxes, badgers, mink etc, the unit should always be set to high.

We recommend an earth stake at least 1m in length be used with a 12v system. The LED will flash Green when the unit is working correctly, but will change to red when the battery requires re-charging. A buzzer will sound if the battery terminals are connected incorrectly.

There is a 3 year warranty on all Hotline energisers.

Performance Figures Supply: 12v rechargeable leisure battery

Stored Joules: 1.2 joules Output Volts: 7600v – 6000v on low Output Volts (under heavy Load): 4000v – 3250v on low

Recommended Distance: 18km Approx battery Life: 4-6 weeks

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