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Hotline BPK30-300 Battery Water Pump Kit


£537.07 ex. VAT


This battery-only water pump kit makes the perfect livestock drinker, helping to fill a water trough with fresh water from a suitable supply. Easy to set up and maintain, it uses a 12v pumping system to produce large volumes of water.

Using a 12v leisure battery, all you need to supply is a water trough for drinking.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for large number of animals
  • Extremely mobile
  • Can be used near grazing sites with water source
  • Pumps 360 gallons/hour
  • Can lift water up several meters

What’s Provided:

  • 360GPH water pump float switch mechanism
  • 30m Hosepipe
  • Pre-wired battery box

Cost-effective, this system will often pay for itself within the first year and it is easy to move from one trough to another. It operates using a plug-in system for electrics meaning it takes only a few minutes to set up.

Additional information

Weight20 kg