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Horner Longhorn 3.2 12v Shearing Machine ( No Handpiece )


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Longhorn 3.2 (no handpiece) For full time sheep shearing from any 12 volt battery.

Shears just like mains shearing machines.

Comes with heavy duty flexi drive. Machine is 100%

Made in UK.

Any handpiece fits.

Shear from a spare vehicle battery, and recharge it overnight.

The Longhorn 3.2 has shorn 345 sheep from a spare Land Rover battery before recharging. (It takes out about 11amps per hour)

Or clip on to your vehicle battery and shear.

No need to have the engine running whilst shearing.

To keep the battery topped up, run the engine for 5 minutes every 2 to 3 hours.

Can be used direct from mains (240 volt) with the Longhorn Transformer.(optional)

240 volts AC to 12 volts DC.– the complete machine– mains and 12 volt.

Used by the British Wool Marketing Board on Shearer Training Courses and can be fitted with an optional solid driveshaft.

All our machines come with full warranty.

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