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Graze On Grass 15kg


VAT Exempt

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HE BENEFITS The high feed value allows concentrate feeding to be reduced High levels of digestible fibre Can be fed alone, as part of the forage ration or to add bulk and fibre to a concentrate ration GRAZE-ON contains all the important minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, and a calcium, phosphorus ratio of ideal proportions. Short chop forage takes longer to eat therefore prolonging feeding time and aiding good digestion Dust Extracted Molasses Free A unique blend of grasses is used by Northern Crop Driers to produce their product Graze-On. This blend is made up of the following grass types: Solid Hybrid Ryegrass, Donard Perennnial Ryegrass, Moy Perennial Ryegrass, Dovey Tall Fescue, Promesse Timothy Feeding Guide Size Guide (hh) Light work kg/day Medium/ Hard Work kg/day Small 9-13 0.5 1.0 Medium 13-15 1.0 2.0 Large 15-16 1.5 2.5 This is only a guide to feeding and will vary with the size, type and habits of the horse or pony.

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Weight15 kg