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Downland Buzz Off Bucket 25kg


DOWNLAND BUZZ OFF BUCKET 25KG Helps repel biting insects and flys at pasture • Good levels ofminerals and vitamins to keep stock healthy at grass •Added garlic as a natural fly and biting insect repellent • Reduce amount of grazing disturbance fromnuisance insects •Helps prevent blowstrike and teat infections •Use for both cattle and sheep •Garlic oil is used as it is the most potent and effective Withdrawal period: 28days for meat, 7 days for milk Calcium % 10.0 Phosphorus % 1.0 Magnesium % 5.0 Sodium % 6.0 Selenium mg/kg 30 Cobalt mg/kg 80 Iodine mg/kg 300 Manganese mg/kg 2000 Zinc mg/kg 3000 Protected Zinc mg/kg yes VitaminA iu/kg 200k Vitamin D3 iu/kg 40k Vitamin E iu/kg 300

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Weight25 kg