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Downland Min Vit Bucket 25kg


DOWNLAND MIN VIT BUCKET 25KG Feed to all types of stock on grass and forages •High levels of all major minerals •Use to balance grass and for ages where mineral deficiencies are common e.g selenium and zinc •Helpsmaintain good stock health and helps optimise performance •Does not contain copper Calcium % 11.0 Phosphorus % 2.0 Magnesium % 5.0 Sodium % 7.0 Selenium mg/kg 30 Cobalt mg/kg 80 Iodine mg/kg 450 Manganese mg/kg 2000 Zinc mg/kg 4600 Protected Zinc mg/kg yes VitaminA iu/kg 400k Vitamin D3 iu/kg 80k Vitamin E iu/kg 400

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Weight25 kg