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Feliway Classic Spray 20ml


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Cats communicate through natural “happy messages” released from different parts of their body (e.g. their face, mammary area and paws). Scientifically these are known as pheromones.

When comfortable and happy, cats mark their territory as familiar by rubbing their face against corners, furniture, people or other cats at home. By doing that, they release a message. When present in the environment, these “happy messages” provide reassurance to the cats.

When modern life conflicts with their natural needs, cats don’t feel completely comfortable.
They do not release these “happy messages” anymore and can show signs such as spraying, scratching and hiding.

FELIWAY Classic sends “happy messages” to cats and helps make them feel safe and secure at home.
Using feline natural reassuring messages, FELIWAY helps your cat happily adjust to the pace of modern life, encourages happiness and helps prevent signs like spraying, scratching and hiding.

  • If you plan to travel with your cat, spray FELIWAY Classic in the carrier 15 minutes before
  • If you plan to visit the vet with your cat, spray FELIWAY Classic in the carrier 15 minutes before
  • If your cats show signs of stress during transport:  E.g vomiting, urination, defecation but also meowing, agitation and salivation
  • If your cat shows signs of stress at home like spraying, scratching walls or furniture, in targeted locations

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