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Fasinex 240 Low Dose Cattle Drench 5L

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Fasinex 240 contains triclabendazole, the only active ingredient to fully control all stages of liver fluke right the way down to 2 week old early immature stages.

This is particularly important as the early immature stage of fluke can cause significant damage whilst burrowing through the liver tissue during their development into adult flukes to mature in adults.

Fasinex 240 brings other very significant advantages:

More Concentrated – lower volume to administer. Fasinex 240 can be given as one squeeze of the 30ml hook doser designed to make drenching cattle a simple & easy process.

Less packaging – less disposal. Shorter meat withhold period.

Standard Dosage: Fasinex 240 should be administered as an oral drench by using a suitably calibrated dose applicator. 5ml Fasinex 24% per 100 kg bodyweight.

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