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Equiglo Quick Soak Beet 18kg


VAT Exempt

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100 per cent natural British superfood. provides a convenient source of non-heating energy for working horses and ponies all year round – and is perfect for those prone to laminitis.

It is an ideal replacement for cereal-based feeds and forage, particularly for veterans with poor dentition or when quality is poor.

The high-fibre, low-sugar and starch feed is a member of the BETA NOPS assurance scheme and made from non-GM, British-grown, unmolassed and micronized sugar beet, which is highly digestible and acts as a natural probiotic in the horse’s gut.

10 Minute Beet® is very versatile feed that can be fed:

1. In small amounts as a bucket feed dampener, succulent or to enhance palatability

2. In moderate amounts as an excellent fibre supply for sensitive horses and ponies