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Ekoneem Oil Salve 50ml


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Ekoneem is high quality, pure, cold-pressed neem oil, which acts as a natural anti-bacterial cream. The natural compounds contained in Ekoneem, known in India as the village pharmacy, can help with various skin irritations. Trials suggest that the range of natural compounds which the oil contains also gives extremely effective control of itching, irritations, sore or cracked feet, and hair loss. At the same time it is a very strong natural repellent to any mite, flea or tick infestation. It’s completely safe for external use with no side effects, and can be applied to all sensitive areas, including around the eyes, which is astonishing in such a powerful oil and natural fly repellent. The action of Neem Oil maximises the natural immune system and promotes the natural healing process with its anti bacterial properties. Neem Oil helps to maintain skin hygeine without causing further irritations. Neem has no known side effects. It is important to use the best quality cold pressed neem oil to get the best results from its range of properties, and EKONEEM import directly from India from contacts they have made personally so, beware of poor quality cheap alternatives.

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