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Downland Versatile Grass Seed 20kg

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A northern dual purpose mixture with no early heading varieties suitable for a wide variety of uses and different farm enterprises.

Similar in terms of purpose to Cut & Graze but slightly less intensive and intended for longer term duration with more bias towards beef and sheep.

Specially formulated for a high NDF content and top quality high D-value forage incorporating the TRIPLE CROWN varieties Cancan, Romark and Pastour included for their high yields, forage quality and grazing performance. High sugar content for rapid silage fermentation and grazing palatability.

Good spring growth without early heading for maximum bulk at flexible cutting dates.

Contains Timothy for good spring growth and palatability and bulky silage crops at later cutting dates.

A high proportion of Late Perennial Ryegrass ensures good sward density and persistency.

Contains Dual Purpose Clover Blend with varieties selected to achieve maximum clover content, yield and persistency under both cutting and grazing.

Clover blend contains Avoca for high yields, superb early spring growth and excellent persistency under dual purpose management. 2.5 Solomon Intermediate Perennial Diploid 2.0 Cancan Late Perennial Diploid 2.0 Romark Late Perennial Diploid 2.0 Pastour Late Perennial Diploid 2.5 Glencar Late Perennial Tetraploid 2.0 Polim Late Perennial Tetraploid 0.5 Dolina Timothy 0.5 Promesse Timothy 1.0 Downland Dual Purpose Clover Blend White Clover 15.0kg

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Weight18 kg