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Downland Silage Grass Seed 20kg

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A highly productive two to three year intensive cutting mixture.

Specially formulated to provide the maximum bulk under intensive cutting over a two to three year period.

Contains the new Advanced Italian Ryegrasse Perun, included for its exceptionally high yields, good forage quality and excellent stress tolerance.

The Italian Ryegrass varieties are Alamo and Gemini two of the highest yielding Italians on UK Recommended Lists.

Varieties chosen for their high yield under intensive cutting.

Very good spring growth from both the Italians and Hybrids for high yields at early cutting dates.

Over 60% Tetraploid content ensures very high sugar levels for silage fermentation and grazing palatability.

Hybrid and Advanced Italian content ensures good persistency over three full production years. Aggressive growth ensures rapid recovery after cutting.

Very good disease resistance to all the major grass diseases including Crown Rust. 2.0 Alamo Italian Diploid 2.0 Gemini Italian Tetraploid 2.5 Perun Advanced Italian 2.0 Bahial Hybrid Tetraploid 2.0 Tetragraze Hybrid Tetraploid 2.0 Storm Hybrid Tetraploid 1.5 Holesome Hybrid Diploid

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