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Downland Sheep Grass Seed 20kg

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A long term sheep grazing ley which can also be cut if required, specially formulated with persistent dense grasses for sheep grazing.

Contains three top TRIPLE CROWN grazing varieties, Romark, Cancan and Maurice included for their grazing performance, high feed value, sward density and persistency.

Specially formulated with varieties with the highest grazing yields on both the NIAB and SAC. Recommended Lists.

Based on later heading varieties allowing time for both an early graze and bulk production for cutting. Early bite provided by a high Timothy content without early heading.

Timothy content from Promesse and Dolina the highest yielding and most persistent Timothies on both the SAC and NIAB Recommended Lists.

Extreme sward density able to resist heavy grazing and withstand poaching. Good mid and late season forage quality ideal for summer and autumn grazing.

Contains a high level of White Clover with varieties specially selected for optimum performance and persistency under sheep grazing.

Clover blend contains Avoca for its high yield, superb early spring growth and persistency under hard sheep grazing. 2.0 Solomon Intermediate Perennial Diploid 2.5 Bree Intermediate Perennial Diploid 1.0 Godali 1 Intermediate Perennial Tetraploid 2.5 Romark Intermediate Perennial Tetraploid 2.0 Cancan Late Perennial Diploid 2.0 Maurice Late Perennial Tetraploid 1.0 Promesse Timothy 1.0 Dolina Timothy 1.0 Downland Grazing Clover Blend White Clover 15.0kg

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