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Downland Sheep Natural Energy Bucket 25kg

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DOWNLAND SHEEP NATURAL ENERGY BUCKET 25KG Sheep Natural Energy is a specially formulated feed bucket to be fed to ewes when extra energy and micronutrients are required. Use for flushing ewes to improve body condition score and fertility to maximise lamb crop. Feed throughout pregnancy and pre-post lambing to maintain ewe health and condition. Its unique formulation includes Omega 3 fish oils and protected fats along with sugars to give her an energy boost when she needs it most. Quality protein sources are used to meet the demands of the growing lamb and ensure excellent milk quality and supply at lambing. Sheep Natural Energy can also be fed to growing lambs on roots and forage. SNE contains multiple sources of energy including Megalac along with quality proteins for improved MILK QUALITY and SUPPLY SNE contains Omega 3 oils shown to improve fertility in ewes and tups and improve lamb vigour SNE helps combat TWIN LAMB DISEASE- provides a nutritional boost pre-lambing SNE contains good levels of Vitamin E proven to help with lamb vigour SNE contains Sel-Plex and Bio-Plex Zinc for easier lambings and disease resistance and helps improve feet integrity. Feeding Guide Intakes will vary depending on breed of sheep, forage quality and other feeds. Allow 1 bucket per 30-40 sheep As a general guide Ewes: 100grms / head/ day. Ensure ad-lib forage and water are always available. Calcium % 4.5 Phosphorus P % 1 Magnesium % 2.5 Sodium % 1.5 Trace Elements Cobalt mg/kg 40 Iodine mg/kg 35 Copper mg/kg – Bioplex Copper – Zinc mg/kg 2,500 Bioplex Zinc Yes Manganese mg/kg 2,500 Selenium mg/kg 15 Bioplex Selenium Yes Vitamins Vitamin A iu/kg 150,000 Vitamin D3 iu/kg 30,000 Vitamin E iu/kg 500 Biotin mg/kg – Feed Components Oil % 8.5 Protein % 16.5 ME MJ/kg DM 13.5

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