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Downland Rumen Buffer 25kg

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Downland Rumen Buffer is a blend of buffering agents and flavours. It neutralises acidity therefore improving digestion and productivity.

Downland Rumen Buffer offers:
A combination of several different buffering agents to ensure maximum and consistent buffering capacity.

The best buffering capacity – gram for gram.

Downland Rumen Buffer outperforms the buffering capacity of its competitors.

An appetising buffer; thanks to the added flavour, Downland Rumen Buffer improves intake when wet, unpalatable silages are an issue.

Feeding less of own forage and substituting with high starch options.

Downland Rumen Buffer : Ensures the rumen works at the most efficient pH with a powerful rumen buffer (62% stronger gram for gram than sodium bicarbonate) • Phytogenic grain efficiency pack: Boosts energy extraction from starch (includes saponins, essential oils, spices) •

Powerful buffering effect to stabilise rumen pH •

Improves saliva production to enhance natural buffering • Improves starch utilisation •

Calms digestion pattern of starch in the rumen • Improves starch digestion post rumen •

Home grown grains / treated grains or: • Purchased compound feed or: • Blends / straights with high starch / sugar content

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Weight25 kg