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Downland Opti-Lix High Energy 20kg


Opti-Lix High Energy is an extra high energy and protein feed tub for all types of ewes, rams and lambs.


Benefits: • Helps improve digestibility and intake of grazing and forages. •

The high sugar content provides more digestible energy available to stock for better performance. •

Use 2 weeks pre-tupping and for 8 weeks to help manage optimal body condition for successful oestrus and implantation of eggs. •

Feed during mid pregnancy to maintain body condition and fit ewes as lambing approaches.

Especially useful in adverse weather or where grazing requires supplementation. •

Will help bridge gap in energy supply pre-lambing and to help where there is a risk of twin lamb disease. •

Contains high levels of vitamin E and trace minerals, important for easy lambing and lamb vigour. •

Contains seleno-source for better selenium availability and chelated zinc for good foot health, fertility and flock health. •

Suitable for after lambing and for weaned lambs when grass quality is poor or less than 5cm sward height

Sheep – up to 100g /head/day • Cattle – up to 500g /head/day

Analytical constituents:
Sugars as sucrose 35% Protein 12% Fibre 0.2 % Oils and fats 14% Ash 17% Calcium 3% Phosphorus 1% Sodium 1%
M.E (Ruminant) 16Mj/kg DM
(Sugar) cane molasses, Vegetable oil, Soya (bean) meal (produced from genetically modied soya beans), Mono calcium
phosphate, Calcium carbonate, Soya oil (produced from genetically modied soya beans), Sodium chloride, Glycerine.
Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well dened substances having similar e-ect:
3a672a Vitamin A 120,000iu/kg, E671 Vitamin D3 24,000iu/kg, 3a700 Vitamin E 600iu/kg
Compounds of trace elements:
3b202 Calcium iodate anhydrous 82mg/kg, 3b304 Coated granulated cobalt (II) carbonate 200mg/kg, E5 Manganese
(manganous oxide) 1290mg/kg, E6 Zinc (zinc oxide) 1945mg/kg, E6 Zinc (zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate) 417mg/kg, E8
Selenium (sodium selenite) 19mg/kg, 3b817 Selenomethionine produced by saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC R645
(selenised yeast inactivated) 250mg/kg
Urea and its’ derivatives:
3d1 Urea 1.8% (supplying 43.1% of the total protein)
Do not exceed 20g of NPN (43g of urea)/100 kg live weight which is contained in 2.4kg of this product.
Urea shall only be fed to animals with a functional rumen. Feeding urea to the maximum level dose should be done
gradually. The maximum content of urea should only be fed as part of diets rich in easily digestible carbohydrates and
low in soluble nitrogen.
Instructions for Use:
Use as part of a forage based feeding system and o-er on a free choice basis. Consumption will be inuenced by the
number of buckets per head of stock, forage availability and quality, other feeds available, age of stock and proximity to
water sources. Ensure ad-lib roughage and water are always available. When feeding outdoors, site over the grazing
areaand place away from the source of drinking water. Do not stack more than one pallet high.

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Weight20 kg