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Downland Fresh Start Improve 2kg


VAT Exempt

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Maximise Calf Growth and Gut Health.

Fresh Start Improve is a unique combination of natural ingredients specially formulated to maximise calf growth, immunity and gut health. Fresh Start Improve is a powder which is added to milk (fresh or replacer).

What Does Fresh Start Improve Do?
By binding bacteria in the gut, Fresh-start Improve reduces scour and increases calf growth. By providing a unique source of antioxidants, Fresh-start Improve supports the whole immune system.  Fresh Start Improve also supplies functional proteins directly to the gut wall, helping it to develop fully to maximise calf growth.
Finally, Fresh Start Improve contains a unique source of DHA omega-3 essential for calf development.

Fresh Start Improve contains:
• Unique blend of oligosaccharides
• Algae – a unique source of DHA omega-3 essential for
calf development
• Improves weight gain and contributes to the health
of the animal
• Increases starter intake and efficiency
• Improves the metabolic profile in calves
• Reduces cryptosporidium in the