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Downland Equipaddock Seed 20kg

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A long term horse paddock mixture designed for general farm use providing a very dense damage resistant sward suitable for grazing or cutting for horse hay.

Contains only Diploid Ryegrasses for improved sward density and ease of hay-making Contains the TRIPLE CROWN varieties Butara 1 and Romark included for their forage quality, grazing performance, sward density and damage resistance.

Based on the densest Perennial Ryegrasses available for a extremely dense and damage resistant sward. High Timothy content to enhance grazing palatability and to produce good stemmy horse hay.

Creeping Red Fescue included for its creeping growth habit which binds the sward together and which quickly repairs sward damage caused by hooves.

Very winter hardy and persistent and suited to all soil types.

3.0 Bree Intermediate Perennial Diploid 1.5 Butara 1 Intermediate Perennial Diploid 2.5 Romark Late Perennial Diploid 2.5 Tyrconnell Late Perennial Diploid 2.0 Promesse Timothy 1.0 Dolina Timothy 2.5 Herald Red Fescue Creeping

20kg bag

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