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Downland Cattle Phos Bucket 25kg

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DOWNLAND CATTLE PHOS BUCKET 25KG Feed to dairy , beef and suckler cows on forages and root crops • 5%high phos lick for dairy beef and suckler cows • Use with forages that may be low in phosphorous and where root crops make up a large proportion of the ration • Helps improve energy utilisation at bulling time and fertility • Contains protected copper and zinc for improved fertility, and hoof integrity Calcium % 12.0 Phosphorous % 5.0 Magnesium % 3.0 Sodium % 4.0 Selenium mg/kg 30 Cobalt mg/kg 80 Iodine mg/kg 300 Manganese mg/kg 2000 Zinc mg/kg 3000 Protected Zinc mg/kg yes Copper mg/kg 2000 Protected Copper mg/kg yes VitaminA iu/kg 250k Vitamin D3 iu/kg 50k Vitamin E iu/kg 300

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Weight24.00 kg