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Downland Precalver FA 25kg

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Designed to meet the requirements of the dry cow and calf during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy. This low calcium mineral will help to prepare the cow for the forthcoming lactation. Feed throughout the dry period until just prior to calving, when a lactation mineral should then be provided.

Calcium 1.024 % Phosphorus 8.000 % Sodium 11.793 % Salt 30.000 % Chloride 18.217 % Magnesium 12.000 %

Copper as Sulphate 1000.000 mg/kg Copper as Carbonate 1000.080 mg/kg Copper as Acetate 500.030 mg/kg Manganese as Oxide 2999.750 mg/kg Cobalt 80.000 mg/kg Zinc as Oxide 5999.760 mg/kg Iodine as Iodate 499.745 mg/kg Selenium as Selenite 30.015 mg/kg Potassium 0.121 %

Vitamin A 500000.000 iu/kg Vitamin D3 100000.000 iukg Vitamin E 3750.000 mg/kg

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Weight25 kg