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Downland Cattle Balancer Bucket 25kg

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DOWNLAND CATTLE BALANCER BUCKET 25KG Feed to all types of cattle where energy and protein are required. Ideal for cattle on autumn or winter low quality grazing. Contains quality proteins for increased LWG in young cattle. Will stimulate intake and utilisation of poor forage. Me 12.4 Protein 15% Calcium % 4.0 Phosphorus % 1.0 Magnesium % 2.5 Sodium % 2 Selenium mg/kg 5 Cobalt mg/kg 25 Iodine mg/kg 75 Manganese mg/kg 800 Zinc mg/kg 750 Protected Zinc mg/kg yes Copper mg/kg 2000 Protected Copper mg/kg yes VitaminA iu/kg 50k Vitamin D3 iu/kg 10k Vitamin E iu/kg 50

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Weight25 kg