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Dengie Hi Fi Good Doer 20kg


VAT Exempt

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A high-fibre maintenance feed for leisure horses and ponies with added vitamins and minerals.

Key Features

  • Hi-Fi Good Do-er is a blend of alfalfa and quality soft straw, lightly coated with molasses and spearmint oil
  • Hi-Fi Good Do-er is an easy to feed, high-fibre feed containing nutrients that those on restricted grass and forage intake might be missing out on
  • Ideal for overweight horses and ponies or those that maintain their weight easily
  • Includes natural spearmint oil to tempt fussy eaters
  • Hi-Fi Good Do-er can be used as a total or partial hay replacer – simply replace the weight of hay with the same weight of Hi-Fi Good Do-er or feed ad-lib

How To Get The Most Out Of Feeding With Dengie Hi-Fi Good Do-er

Hi-Fi Good Do-er can be fed on its own as the bucket feed for horses and ponies undertaking a weight loss programme or to replace part of the hay ration. If using as a hay replacer, Hi-Fi Good Do-er can be fed in large tub trugs or similar.

How much to feed?

Horse or PonySize Guide (hh)Approx Weight (kg)Resting or light Work Bucket feed (kg/day)Resting or light Work Partial hay replacement (kg/day)Replace bucket feed & hay / grazing (kg/day)
Small Pony (eg: Shetland, Welsh A)9–12.2  200  0.5 – 1.0  up to 2.5  up to 3
Medium Pony (eg: Exmoor, New Forest)12.2 – 13.2  300  0.5 – 1.5  up to 3.5  up to 4.5
Large Pony (eg: Connemara, Welsh D)13.2 – 14.2  400  1.0 – 2.0  up to 5  up to 6
Small Horse (eg: Arab, small TB)14.2 – 15.2  450  1.0 – 2.0  up to 5.5  up to 6
Medium Horse (eg: TB, ID cross)15.2 – 16.2  550  1.5 – 2.5  up to 7  up to 8
Large Horse (eg: Warmblood)Over 16.2  650  1.5 – 2.5  up to 8  up to 10

One large Stubbs scoop = 300g

Analytical Constituents

Typical analysis (%) ‘as fed’

Digestible Energy7MJ/kg
Ash (mineral)9.5
Copper, as copper sulphate10mg/kg
Selenium, as sodium selenite0.2mg/kg
Vitamin E, as alpha tocopherol81 IU/kg

Additional information

Weight20 kg